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make-up and attendance

Weather, sickness, or other issues: I can’t get to class. What can I do?

If we are open, students are expected to come. However, we want you to get the most out of your swimming lessons. Inform the Aquatics Department with 24 hours in advance to qualify for a make up. Please fill out the Make-up Form, we will send you make up class availabilty to choose

Its been more than 24 hours since I filled out the form online, What should I do?

We didn’t get your request, please contact us again.

Are Make-up classes always available?

Make-up classes are subjected to availability. If Make up class is not able to be scheduled, clients will not be refunded or credited for missed class.

What if I miss the Make-up class?

You wont be granted another make-up class for a scheduled make-up missed.

What if I miss too many classes?

Attendance is mandatory in order to assure progress and improvement. It is the parents’ and/or students’ responsibility to make sure to attend to all classes.

The swimming Program is based on Asc Kids providing group swimming lessons and not your actual usage. Therefore, you agree to pay full amount whether you actually attend the swimming classes or not.

How many Make-ups am I allowed?

We don’t limit the amount of make-up classes given. However they are based on
availability. If there is nothing available, that fits your schedule we recommend that you try not to miss any classes.

The session ended and I didn’t attend all the classes?

All classes and Make-up classes are to be taken within the session enrolled to. Make-up classes won’t carry over to following sessions, even if the student is registered for such.

Will I get the same instructor for a Make-up class?

It is not guaranteed to get the same instructor for a make-up class. The instructors teach different level at different days and times.

make-up and class

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